The Increasingly Welcome Prospect Of Influencer Marketing


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There is a definite air of uncertainty making its way around right now. New developments have forced businesses and business owners to put their previous plans and strategies in the backseat for the time being. Different entities are being forced to adapt to a new way of living and interacting with each other. 


One factor to hold on to is that everyone is having these experiences, albeit in different degrees, at the same time. You can rest in the certainty that your business is not the only organism going through changes, your audiences are experiencing changes as well. Nevertheless, the world has not stopped and your business activities do not have to either, rather they need to adapt to the current situation of things. 


People are finding new ways to get things done, especially with measures such as social distancing, lockdowns, self-isolation, and curfews, being set in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. The need to accomplish tasks without physical interaction (digitally) has increased greatly, and because of these strategies and information channels, we can look forward to a time when this is all a thing of the past. 


New digital platforms that are helping people get through this time are springing up, and changes in offline and online interactions are coming with increasing speed. 


One intriguing thing that should be considered, however, is what your relationship with your audience should look like right now and beyond. Your interaction with your prospects should not stop, because if it does you run the risk of fading into the background.


An attractively suitable means of communication is influencer marketing. Over the years, influencer marketing has grown into a well-established advertising and communication medium. The multi-billion-dollar industry sprung up with only a handful of influencers with a loyal audience and now there are hundreds of influencers across the globe who now stand as communications channels for different brands.


In this time when everything is being regulated for safety reasons and the world moves more towards digital solutions, it is possible to give your brand a visible voice and be confident that your message will get across to its intended audience. Right now, people across the globe are spending record-breaking amounts of time in their homes and on the internet, this is actually a very positive development because it means more and more people are getting vital information and adhering to the guidelines that would eventually make this ordeal a thing of the past.


If the rise of the age of technology has taught us anything, it is that once people begin to experience performing tasks and activities using new media, they pretty much adopt it as part of their lifestyle. The number of active internet users is only ever going to increase, the smart thing to do for your business right now may very well be to optimize your efforts in such a way that it takes advantage of established new media like influencer marketing. 


Now more than ever people want to connect with their brands and many times it means putting a friendly face or a name to the company. Influencers have this appeal when they interact with their audiences on behalf of brands. They are able to provide useful information as well as put a friendly and familiar face to the brand they represent. Your intended audience may not be able to leave their homes right now, and they may not be able to interact with other traditional you may or may not have used to market your business, but they have not stopped interacting with the media entirely. 


Informative, entertaining, educative and vital content is continuously being spread across various digital platforms and is still reaching audiences of different sizes and demographics. This variety of content is largely still being spread, mostly by influencers and they have been able to maintain their relationships with their audiences. 



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