Now That PR Is Dead



Now that PR is dead. Witnessed the demise, 

untimely passing of a once powerful practice 

Lost her dazzle, dulled by impotent strategies and tactics 


Saw bullets fly, but can’t tell the identity of her killer 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Did technology pull the trigger? 

Questions pile, whispers of whodunnit? Who to blame? 

Who held PR captive, as the world around continued to change. 


So wise men gathered from far 

and wide to mourn the departed 

At the Black House, in black garbs, 

sombre faces of the broken-hearted 

So, who is to say that these ones never loved their mother? 

When she lived, wasn’t she the one that fed their mothers? 


Then again, they failed. 

To care for her when she was feeble and frail 

Ignored by the audience, like gist that is old and stale 


Till a Millennial army of voices came 

swarming down social channels 

And the consumer, stole power, 

blowing out Old Media’s candles. 


Who killed PR? We may never truly know. 

But the way to go, the wise men have begun to show: 

Social convos, content marketing, storytelling, tech and data, 

Creative forces of today, cutting edges in the future like laser. 



Femi Falodun

CEO, ID Africa

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