How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram In 2020


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Instagram hit the 10-year mark in 2020 and if you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed the steady growth in its usage and its features. 


Getting more followers and ultimately growing your brand is not as easy as it used to be. This is because Instagram’s new algorithm puts emphasis on more organic qualities like frequency, interest, and relationship. 


Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to get more people interested in your brand. These nine tips are hacks you can apply to grow your brand on Instagram in 2020.



  • Use Stories


Instagram’s stories can be exciting for you and for your audience. Apps like StoryArt, Unfold, and Canva, have some beautiful templates you can use if you don’t know how to get started. Another exciting prospect is that users can view stories right atop their feed, so even if they don’t get to your post, you can get their attention on your stories.


Also, you can capitalize on your story highlights if you organize them on your profile. It goes a long way towards enhancing your brand image. Make sure each highlight has a theme.



  •  Share Quality Content


Posting consistently helps your chances of reaching people who use Instagram at different times. Nonetheless, if the majority of those posts are not aesthetically pleasing enough to grab attention at first glance, it may not be worth it. Put out content you can be proud of, or better yet, put out content, so good, people want to share it. 



  •  Work On Your Profile & Grid


Your profile is very important. This is where a visitor gets to know what you’re about. Since the goal here is for that visitor to click the follow button, it’s advisable to:


  • Use keywords particular to your industry & the visitor’s interest
  • Write a compelling bio
  • Make your profile fun 


Your grid is also something you should work on. This is the full view of the posts on your page. Planoly, Plann, and Preview App, are great apps that can help you with this.



  •  Give Them A Reason To Come Back


One-off posts are good, however, posts that allude to a series are better. If your post is around an outfit, pairing for a particular day or season, viewers should be able to tell that there will be more coming. If they enjoyed that post, they’ll be back.



  •  Work With Other Influencers & Other Brands


Working with influencers and other brands gets you facetime with their followers. If you’re worried about how to get to big influencers, reports show that micro-influencers actually have better engagement rates, compared to the big names. 


You know those burger & drink meals that are presented as an added value because both brands are working together, look at working with other brands this way. If the brand aligns with yours, their followers may very well relate to your brand. You can run a background check on other brands before collaborating with them. SocialCred is a good tool to help you achieve this. It provides you with key social media account metrics that help you know which accounts are doing well enough to attract the kind of attention you want.



  •  Tell A Story With Your Captions


Longer captions are better for your posts when they are well written. You get to give a little something extra. A good long or short story can pique the interest of an average user, and if they find it enjoyable, your brand begins to resonate more; this would not be the case if they just gave you a like and moved on.



  •  Get Active On Similar Accounts


Your goal should be to ultimately build a community around your brand. Post comments on other brand posts. Once in a while, you could do the same with influencers or accounts with a lot of followers. They have to align with your brand though.



  •  Post More Videos


Instagram videos get better engagements than image-based posts. It’s as simple as that. Videos take more time to create, but they are worth it. You also don’t always have to break the bank for videos. You can create videos with your phone and edit them using apps like Magisto, Wondershare, FilmoraGo, and InShot.



  •  Start Your Own Hashtag


You can start a movement based on your brand hashtag. If it gets going, other people can begin to use it, and it inherently grows your brand. Geotags are also a good idea for helping people feel closer to your brand. 


You can begin to see significant Instagram growth if you follow good processes, use the right tips, and are consistent with your efforts. 


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