Code of Practice

A member firm has a general duty of fair dealing towards its clients, past and present, fellow members and the public.

In this respect, a member firm shall::

  • Be free to represent its capabilities and services to any potential client, either on its own initiative or at the behest of the client, provided in so doing it does not seek to persuade the client to break any existing contract or detract from the service of same.
  • Cause all its clients to be listed in the Annual Register of PRCAN. Cause all its Directors, Executives and Retained Consultants who hold Public Office, as members of National and State Assemblies, and members of Local Government or any statutory organization or body, to be recorded in the relevant sections of the Annual Register of PRCAN.
  • Not engage in any practice, which tends to corrupt the integrity of channels of public communication or legislation.
  • Not propose to clients any action that would constitute an improper influence on organs of government or legislation.
  • Not intentionally disseminate false or misleading information, and is under obligation to use reasonable care to avoid dissemination of false or misleading information.
  • Only represent competing interests with the consent of all those concerned.
  • Inform a client of any shareholding or financial interest held by that firm in any company, firm or person whose services it recommends.
  • Negotiate, propose or agree terms with client based on the resources that can reasonably be expected to apply. Be free to accept fees, commissions or other valuable considerations from persons other than a client, in connection with services for that client, provided such considerations is disclosed to the client.
  • Not support to serve some announced cause while actually serving an undisclosed special or private interest. Not offer to give or cause a client to offer or give any inducement to such persons as described in Article 4 above who are not Directors, Executives or Retained Consultants with intent to further the interests of the member or of the client if such action is inconsistent with the public interest.
  • Not engage in any practice and not to be seen to conduct itself in any manner detrimental to the interest of Public Relations Consultancy.
  • Safeguard the confidence of both present and former clients and shall not disclose or use these confidences to the disadvantages or prejudice of such clients or the financial advantage of the member firm. .
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