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How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram In 2020

  Plaqad     Instagram hit the 10-year mark in 2020 and if you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed the steady growth in its usage and its features.    Getting more followers and ultimately growing your brand is not as easy as it used to be. This is because Instagram’s new algorithm puts…

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Kayode Olowu Nigerian PR Report 2020
Junkyards, Reverse Engineering, and Everything There Is To Know About Effective Storytelling With Visual Design

  Kayode Olowu     Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a visual content creator, you’ll definitely find this piece useful in one way or the other.   Here are a few tips to learn on effective storytelling:     Build A Junkyard   Come on, I don’t mean an actual junkyard, I…

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leye makanjuola nigerian pr report 2020
How to Improve Your Website’s SEO

  Leye Makanjuola     If you manage a website for yourself or for clients, one recurring concern would be search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO can sound like a super technical or boring subject, but it’s actually quite fascinating if you really look at it.   In the simplest possible terms, SEO is how the…

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Sharon Grey Nigerian PR Report 2020
Social Engineering Is The Forbidden Fruit We Should All Be Eating

  Sharon Grey     I have always been fascinated with con artists. Not the ones that sit behind a computer and ask that you ‘rescue’ them from a prison in Rwanda so they can fly to you and will you their Grandfather’s riches. No, those guys are cowards.   The con artists I’m referring…

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How Nigeria’s Digital Natives Used Social Media During the COVID-19 Lockdown

  ID Africa     The global sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it. Social distancing has become the new normal, and now more than ever, people are relying heavily on social media to stay connected.    With the general ban on large public gatherings in March 2020, people had to…

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Njideka Akabogu Nigerian PR Report 2020
Adapt Or Die: The Two Options COVID-19 Presents Entertainment Brands

  Njideka Akabogu     I grew up in a very small town in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Growing up, my family was one of the very few on our street who had a television set and a VCR. What this meant was that every Sunday, our living room was filled to the brim…

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Enitan Kehinde Nigerian PR Report 2020
The Science Of Live Videos And The Art of Getting It Right

Enitan Kehinde   Watching Andrea Bocelli live, on Sunday, April 12, 2020, was so surreal!   But what made it even more special was watching it with my grandpa!   You see, my 80-year-old grandfather is the absolute king of swank and growing up around him, I fell in love with some of what have…

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Precious Nwachukwu Nigerian PR Report 2020
20 Best Tools for Every PR Professional

By PRECIOUS NWACHUKWU – BHM   In considering the best tools for a PR Professional, I believe it is important to identify niche areas where public relations professionals practice as well as other factors that will determine their choice of tools, top on the list is the side of the divide where the professional works…

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Bada Akintunde-Johnson Nigerian PR Report 2020

By BADA AKINTUNDE-JOHNSON – VIACOMCBS NETWORKS AFRICA   I remember receiving a brief in 2010 from a PR agency asking me to work on a campaign as a social media influencer for one of the biggest non-alcoholic beverage brands in Nigeria ahead of the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa. I wondered why such…

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By UCHE AJENE AYERE – STEPHANIE JOHN & ASSOCIATES   In the past, Public Relations would simply mean the use of communication to persuade publics. Essentially, this was a one-way channel involving the organization informing the public. In today’s digital world however, Public Relations is now a two-way communication system, as the role of the…

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