Announcing: The Nigeria PR Report 2017

My name is Ayeni Adekunle, and I’m the founder/CEO of BHM.


I’m writing to invite you to participate in our survey, as part of the work BHM and Brentt Consulting are doing for the third edition of Nigeria PR Report.


When we launched the report three years ago, it was based on the discovery that the industry lacked the requisite data and insight to develop itself further, and do global standard work for clients and partners. We began screaming in 2015, that #PRisDead, because we wanted to draw attention to the state of the profession; we wanted to force a conversation about our work and our people; and we wanted to play our part in the work everyone is doing to build the public relations industry of our dreams.


Today, the dangers are more clear than they were in 2015: consumer habits continue to change unpredictably; competition from digital agencies and consulting networks is getting fierce, even as budgets continue to shrink.


We’re now in an emergency: the need to prioritise data and strategy has never been more urgent. The need for us to expand the scope of public relations, demonstrate our expertise, and show measurable impact are some of what we must now consider.


But we also need to get better understanding of talent management, business development, corporate governance, and technology if we are to attract and retain the kind of people, funding, and patronage that will push us from a struggling, endangered industry, into a multi billion dollar behemoth. I’m convinced that, it is possible, with everyone on board: the leaders and pathfinders of our industry, the new kids on the block, and the rapidly-growing ones coming behind.


I thank you for reading, for taking a minute out of your busy schedule to fill our survey and participate on our discussions, and most importantly, for committing to doing the kind of work that’ll uplift our profession.


And just in case you’re new to this: Please see NPR 2015 and 2016 HERE and HERE.


Please enjoy the rest of your day.

To Fill The Survey, Click HERE.

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