8 Things The Socialcred App Taught Us About Using Social Media


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SocialCred is a free social media ranking tool that uses key metrics such as total followers, engagement rate, as well as audience sentiment to calculate social media clout. Users are then rewarded with witty ranks to match their clout.


Since the launch of SocialCred, several social media users have taken to the tool to find their ranks and get tips on how to create better content and increase their ranks. 


The SocialCred app has so far taught us a number of lessons on using social media better. Below are some of them:  


Sometimes, quality over quantity

Most people believe that the higher a person’s follower count, the higher their rank. However, while follower count is quite important, it isn’t the most important determinant. A user with 1,000 followers can have a higher engagement rate than another with 10,000 followers, therefore scoring higher on the tool.


Post more original content

Reposting and curating posts is not the best idea if your intention is to grow your social media platform. Users with higher ranks have mastered the art of creating original content as opposed to repurposing or reposting those created by others. 


Be interactive

Make your audience feel important by interacting with them as well, through replies, retweets and comments. By doing this, you increase your engagement rate and also make your audience feel like part of your inner circle, giving them a reason to keep coming back.


Study your audience

Audience sentiment is a key metric on the SocialCred app, and it encompasses how your audience reacts to your posts. Study the content that seems to excite them and focus on creating more of those.


Don’t jump on every trend

While trending topics are a good way to make your voice heard, not every trend should be jumped on. More times than not, your voice gets lost in the multitude of other voices in the process.


Be creative, not cliche

Find new tactics that work for your own page, you don’t have to follow the ones that worked for the 90,000 other social media users. 


Post content that is contextual

Don’t stick to a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, for your accounts on different platforms. Be diverse. Instagram is more picture centric than Twitter, and Youtube videos cannot always be posted on Facebook. Remember this when you are creating content. 


Stay consistent

Some social media users update their accounts once a month and then disappear for long periods. This should not be the case. With consistent and strategic posting, you will build a community on social media. 


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