5 Quick Ways To Generate More Engagement On Facebook


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Any action someone takes on your Facebook page or on any one of your posts is basically engagement. Engagement is visible through likes, comments, shares, and even when you are tagged on a post.


Facebook’s algorithm favours posts with good engagement. These types of posts will appear more prominently on different user news feeds. 


Good engagement is also an indication of your audience’s genuine interest in your brand. Increased interest in your page means they are more likely to share your content. This tells you that your audience is actively involved in getting more people to see your content, and in turn, your page.


If you feel your Facebook page has not been getting as much engagement as you would like, with these tips below, you can begin to garner significantly more engagement. 



  • Look To Entertain, Educate, Inform or Inspire Your Audience



One thing to remember is that your audience does want to be sold to all the time. Your focus should be to entertain, educate, inform, or inspire your audience with your content. With this in mind, you will churn out content that is naturally more relatable. A good way to go about this is to look at your content from a neutral point of view. It should be the sort of thing you would interact with if you viewed it on your personal feed.



  • Create Short, Quality Content



It’s best to just assume every single person you intend to interact with, has a short attention span. This way you will gravitate towards creating generally more concise content. A reported 88% of Facebook users, view content mostly on their mobile phones. The short format is definitely the way to go. Quality images and videos also make your content look richer and generally more attractive. 



  • Post Consistently



Having a regular post schedule gives your audience something to look forward to. It takes a lot of effort, but you have to post regularly for your audience to get used to seeing your content. Facebook Insights can tell you when most of your fans are online. This way you can post when they are most likely to view it.



  • Interact With Your Audience



Responding to comments on your posts provides very positive visibility for your brand. Every time you respond to a comment, you strengthen the relationship you have with that person, and you give other fans the impression of being very relatable. Interacting with your audience indirectly also helps boost your visibility. You can do this by being active on Facebook groups that your fans belong to.



  • Direct traffic From Other Platforms



Share links to your Facebook posts on your other platforms. This gets your content in the eyes of people who don’t necessarily follow your page.



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