Day: January 29, 2016

BHM Launches Nigeria’s First-Ever Annual PR Industry Report

Global communications and public relations organization BlackHouse Media (BHM) has announced the launch of its pioneering report on the Nigerian PR Industry. The 106-page book is a compendium of quantitative and qualitative research augmented by industry-wide perspective and knowledgeable commentary concerning PR practice in Africa’s largest economy. Nigeria PR Report is a partnership between the group’s research arm – BHM Research…

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Ten Eye-Catching Facts in BHM’s Nigeria PR Report

Global media and public relations organization, BlackHouse Media Group has launched the Nigeria PR Report – the country’s first-ever annual report on PR, dedicated exclusively to chronicling data on trends, perceptions, challenges and prospects within the industry. Ayeni Adekunle, CEO BHM Group, disclosed that the Nigeria PR Report is done in collaboration with independent research unit—BHM Research & Intelligence (BRI), digital…

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Using Our Own Medicine – My speech at the Public Presentation of Nigeria PR Report

Something happened in 2015.   A poor 72-year-old, unpopular, retired army-general ran to be president of Nigeria, an oil-rich West African country with population of about 200 million people.   His opponent, the incumbent, was a 57-year-old Ph.D. who, three years earlier while he was VP, was so popular and favoured that influential citizens marched…

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